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I am a skilled artisan with a passion for crafting and shaping raw materials into functional works of art. As a blacksmith, the rhythmic clash of hammer on hot metal is second nature to me, and I revel in the transformative process of forging sturdy and intricate metal creations. In the realm of woodworking, my hands deftly navigate the grain of the wood, bringing forth both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing pieces that stand as a testament to the beauty of nature. Additionally, my expertise extends to the world of leather crafting, where we manipulate this versatile material into durable and finely detailed goods. My identity is woven into the fibers of my creations, reflecting not only a mastery of traditional techniques but a commitment to the timeless craft of shaping elements into objects that endure and captivate. I am a blacksmith, a woodworker, and leather crafter—an artisan whose hands breathe life into the materials they touch.

Barefoot Forge

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Welcome to my virtual forge of craftsmanship, where fire meets metal, wood whispers tales, and leather recounts the rugged elegance of my creations. As an artisan dedicated to the mastery of blacksmithing, woodworking, and leather crafting, my website is a testament to the intersection of tradition and innovation. Explore the gallery, a curated showcase of my crafted works that embody the essence of skillful artistry. Each piece tells a story of dedication and passion, reflecting not just the raw materials transformed but the spirit of my hands at work. Join me on this journey, where every click is a step into the heart of craftsmanship, and every glance unveils the rugged beauty I bring to life.

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Friends of the Forge!

Unfornature Souls
Great friends with a flare for Mystic and Nerdy. Check them out!

Black Bear Forge
While not exactly friends (we've never met... yet!), Black Bear Forge was the inspiration for getting into blacksmithing. He's an amazing artist and I've learned so much from his YouTube channel.

Mascon Leather
Another friend I hope to meet eventually! One craft often leads to another and the blacksmithing led me next to leather. Mascon Leather is a true talent and makes leather goods that are second to none. If you're interested in making leather goods, in particular wallets, you should start with Mascon Leather. His YouTube channel is the best!


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